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Call Center Features

Call Center Features

A Call Center feature from APEX with Fonality can provide many attractive benefits to your business as well as save you an average of 23% compared to traditional Call Centers

Have an In-House or Remote Customer Support and Sales Team

Your staff can be as big as you need it and be located wherever you want it

Boost your Customer Service

Automatic Call Distribution allows you to automatically route calls to appropriate employees

Call Queues make it so the right employee is answering the right call as soon as he or she is available

Call Monitor/Barge

Improve Efficiencies and Reduce Costs

Mobile/Remote Call Centers lower operating costs while boosting productivity

  • Your employees can be setup so they can take calls from anywhere outside the office – their homes or their cell phones

HUD’s operator panel lets you see in real time which employees are on the phone and who they are talking to

Never drop a call

  • Let’s you utilize the cost advantages of VoIP while using PTSN as backup in case of an internet outage

Enhance Management and Reporting

Have access to a wide range of customizable reports in real time

Reports give your managers access to all kinds of data to improve efficiency

Employee Reports

You can track the effectiveness of each of your employees in real time

Want to learn more about our Call Reporting Feature? Learn about it here.

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