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Stay Connected Everywhere

Stay Connected Everywhere

APEX’s solution with Fonality enables you and your customers to communicate with everybody in your business regardless of where they are located.

Telephony, E-Mail, Conferencing, and Chat: 1 Easy-to-Use Place

Every site and employee can be managed through HUD’s simple interface

Know the availability of every employee in every office, every second of the day

Connect Branch or Remote Offices

You have the ability to link branch or remote offices and manage multiple locations as if they were one

With a hosted-hybrid solution, you will have:

  • Free office-to-office calling via VoIP
  • Inter-office extension dialing
  • Unified corporate directory and voicemail
  • The same call features across every location

Connect Mobile Workers

All your employees now have the option to give out just one number where they can always be reached

Voicemail is delivered through e-mail

HUD Mobile

  • Gives you access to all the key features from HUD while you’re on the goincluding call recording
  • HUD’s presence feature allows employees and colleagues can know your availability at all times


Your employees can work from anywhere while still being linked to your organization

To the caller, it will feel as though they are speaking with someone in an office

Access to all the same communication tools that are available in the office:

  • Remote sales agents can log in and out of queues from their cell phone
  • FindMe features still work regardless of where you are
  • Voicemail is delivered through e-mail
  • HUD’s presence feature allows employees and colleagues to know your availability at all times

A feature like this creates a wide variety of opportunities for your business to benefit from:

Lower Operating Costs

Having a remote staff means they don’t need to be provided with an office. This lets you save on all the costs associated with buying and maintaining office space

Going Green

Not having to house as many employees means less energy is being consumed for commuting, running computers, operating phone systems, powering the office, and more.

Happier Employees

Most workers cherish the opportunity and flexibility that being able to work from home provides them with. This leads to happier employees and often times a boost in productivity

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