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Hybrid-Hosted Phone System

Hybrid-Hosted Phone System

When most businesses first contact us to inquire about upgrading to a new phone system, the first things they tend to ask about are “hosted” and “The Cloud.”

However, what they quickly find after we ask them what their needs and wants are is that a hybrid-hosted phone system actually suits them much better. Not only that, hybrid-hosted phone systems do all this while being significantly more affordable than hosted phone systems.

When deciding which type of phone system is best for your business, usually the decision comes down to feature set, customer service, and price.

With that in mind, when people ask us about Hybrid-Hosted phone systems this is what we tell them:

Hybrid-Hosted is the Most Feature Rich Phone System Type in Existence

A hybrid-hosted phone system from APEX Communications offers your business literally everything it needs in your next business phone system. You will have access to Fonality’s easy-to-use and award winning Unified Communications. Our hybrid-hosted phone system offers an extensive list of features such as unlimited extensions, auto-attendant, call centers, call recording, chat, conference calls, and much more at no additional charge!

And- unlike hosted- you will be able to make VoIP calls while still having POTS lines as backup.

Basically, with hybrid-hosted, your phone system will have unlimited functionality while also being customizable to fit each of your company’s needs and wants.

Hybrid-Hosted offers the Lowest TCO, Greatest ROI, and 0 Monthly Fees

One of the biggest advantages of selecting hybrid-hosted is how much more affordable it is than hosted.

How is this possible?

With hybrid-hosted, the only costs associated with buying the phone system are the up-front costs of the hardware (the server and the phones) and the Unified Communications software.

These initial costs are very different from purely hosted where you are only required to buy or lease the IP phones to get started. The tradeoff with hybrid-hosted is you no longer have to pay a recurring monthly fee based on the number of extensions you have.

With hybrid-hosted, there are NO monthly fees and you have unlimited extensions at no additional charge.

It is by avoiding these monthly fees that hybrid-hosted is able to offer a lower TCO and a greater ROI than hosted. When we run side-by-side TCO comparisons of hosted and hybrid-hosted for our potential customers, this is what they find:

  • The year 1 TCO is higher with hybrid-hosted because of the initial costs of the hardware
  • By years 2-10 however, the TCO with hybrid-hosted is significantly LESS than hosted

Security is Greatest with Hybrid-Hosted

We already mentioned above that with hybrid-hosted, your phone system doesn’t have to be completely dependent on your internet connection in order for it to work. Having your own server allows you to choose whatever type of phone line you want if you are looking to provide a backup for your internet connection.

Hybrid-hosted also allows you to keep all of your messages and call data within your company’s premises rather than leaving it to your provider in The Cloud.

Both of these capabilities are not available to businesses with a hosted phone system.

Lessen the Burden on IT Staff

Just like with hosted, hybrid-hosted phone systems should significantly reduce your need to have your IT staff manage your phone system. With APEX Communications, you can completely eliminate the need for your IT staff to concern itself with your communications system at all.

Also like with hosted, The Cloud allows your service provider to handle all of your equipment and fix any problems that may arise remotely. This allows for your IT staff to focus on what they really should be focused on- your business specific needs.

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