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Lowest TCO, Greatest ROI

Lowest TCO, Greatest ROI

A Hybrid-Hosted phone system gives your business the opportunity to benefit from a phone system offering the lowest possible TCO and the greatest ROI.

Although hybrid-hosted is initially more expensive than hosted (because you have to buy a server and phones), your TCO always ends up significantly lower than it would with hosted. Usually, your TCO will break-even and end up significantly lower as soon as just year 2.

Here’s how:

Reduced Costs

By investing in your equipment initially, you gain ownership of your system

Ownership is important from a financial stand point because it stops you from having to pay endless monthly fees on a per extension basis like you are forced to with hosted. Avoiding these fees creates significant savings.

Note: Hybrid-Hosted offers unlimited extensions and virtual extensions with no additional charges

Focus your IT Staff

Your IT staff can focus on your business specific needs because APEX handles all your communications IT

Utilize IP Telephony

For example, free office to office calls

“Future-Proof” Phone System

Software updates are completed with no additional charges by APEX with Fonality

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