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Lower Your Total Costs

How APEX Can Lower Your TCO

An investment in a solution from APEX with Fonality presents a plethora of opportunities for your business to lower it’s TCO.

Reduced Cost of Infrastructure

Solutions from APEX with Fonality utilize The Cloud and therefore don’t require to maintain nearly as much infrastructure as legacy phone systems.

Upgrading to one of APEX’s solutions can reduce the costs associated with your communications infrastructure in a number of ways:

  • With Hybrid-Hosted, the only hardware you need to purchase is a Dell Server and the Polycom Phones
  • With Hybrid-Hosted, there are no monthly fees for the number of extensions you have or the use of The Cloud
  • With both Hosted and Hybrid-Hosted, APEX is able to use The Cloud to to maintain, update, or adjust your system
  • With both Hosted and Hybrid-Hosted, all configuration changes and adds can be done by APEX via The Cloud

APEX Handles Your Phone System IT

APEX makes it possible for your IT staff to focus on what you pay them to focus on- your business specific needs.

With a support contract from APEX, you never again have to worry about what to do when a problem arises with your communications. Simply call us and we will solve the problem for you.

A solution from APEX provides you with literally everything from installation, to implementation, to configurations, to training, maintenance, and support.

Because APEX is a small business with local presence we are also able to”

  • Build relationships with our customers and learn their needs
  • Quickly identify problems and come up with solutions
  • Appear on-site when a problem requires a technician

Drastically Increase the Productivity of Your Employees

Studies have shown that not having a UC solution costs your knowledge workers on average about 50% of their productivity per day:

36% of Their Time is Spent Trying:

  • to contact people
  • to find information
  • to schedule meetings

14% is Spent:

  • Duplicating information (forwarding emails; phone calls to see if the fax / email / text message was received)
  • Dealing with unwanted communications (spam emails / unsolicited time-wasting phone calls)

APEX’s solutions with Fonality can dramatically decrease this wasted time and therefore boost the productivity of your employees by as much as 50%.

With an annual payroll of $1 million, that could translate to as much as a $500,000 boost in productivity per year.

View the Findings of the Study Here

Dramatically Improve Your Customer Service

Learn how APEX can Boost Your Customer Support

All Changes and Adds to Your System are Both Easy and Affordable

View the Scalability of a Hosted phone system

View the Scalability of a Hybrid-Hosted phone system

Future Proof Investments

By utilizing The Cloud, you can be assured your phone system will be as up to date as possible because we automatically send your system updates as they are made

Free Office-to-Office Calls via VoIP

If your main office and branch offices are linked, you can benefit from free VoIP calls throughout your business.

Save Money by Utilizing a Remote Staff

A remote staff reduces the need for office space and the expenses associated with operating your business