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HUD – Feature Set

HUD: Feature Set

Below is the list of some of the most popular features available to you with HUD.

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Instant Message (Chat)

Employees can send instant messages on your own private chat network. This feature is perfect for companies that have turned off external chat as a time-saver and call centers that want to text-whisper to agents while on the phone. All chat messages are encrypted by industry standard SSL 128 bit encryption.

Google Contacts

Chat with your external Google contacts directly from within HUD. Users are able to either add a single Google Talk contact, or import their entire Google Talk contact list into HUD.

Drag-and-Drop Calling

Instantly place a call by selecting a phone number in any file or application and dragging it into HUD.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

Inbound Calling:

  • When your phone rings, the Caller-ID will be analyzed against your Outlook Contacts. If a match is found, the caller’s name will pop-up!

Call from your Inbox:

  • Right-click on a contact or email message to call. Your phone rings, and you’re connected!

Color-coded Call Status

See what the status is of your coworkers with HUD’s color coded call status:

  • Green – Inbound/outbound call
  • Orange – Queue call
  • Purple – Intraoffice call
  • Grey – Unregistered


Click the email icon to easily send an email to any employee in your company. The email address will be pulled from your PBXtra company directory.

Photo Caller-ID

Once a user uploads their photo via the Web User Panel, you will now see their picture whenever you interact with them in HUD (calling, conference, voicemail). In addition, we now support the Outlook 2007 photo feature to show pictures for calls to/from external numbers.

Visual Voicemail

Wherever you HUD, there’s your voicemail! The new visual voicemail component enables users to play, delete, and flag their voicemails, in addition to calling the user back, initiating a chat with the user, or adding the user to Outlook. HUD Voicemail also supports Photo Caller-ID.

Contact Cards

Mouse over a contact to show their name, photo, and other contact details

Desktop Alerts

When your extension rings, an optional desktop alert displays, informing you of the call and Caller ID. Desktop alerts show the names of people calling your extension for Caller IDs stored in your Outlook contact database. You can also display this alert when making outbound calls.

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