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HUD Mobile – Feature Set

HUD Mobile: Feature Set

Below is the list of some of the most popular features available to you with HUD Mobile.

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Real-Time Rich Presence

Connect with the right person based on the mode of communication that best suits you and your colleague with presence indicators of all company employees.

Add Contacts on the Go

Need to add a contact on the go? Now you don’t have to wait until you get back to the office. Have the freedom to add and delete contacts.

Virtual Conference Rooms

See all available virtual conference rooms, and have the ability to join conferences from HUD Mobile. You can also drag people into the conference, as well as remove them.

Instant Messaging

Send messages in real-time allowing you to continue and initiate chat conversations away from the office.

Soft Phone Integration for Toll Bypass

Decide which type of network to run HUD Mobile on. Choose a 3G/4G network if you’re on the go or a Wi-Fi network if you’re in a hot spot.

Move Calls Between Devices

Have the freedom to transfer your HUD Mobile call to a different device or vice versa. When you arrive at the office, quickly transfer the call to your desk phone and continue the conversation.

Call Recording

Whether you need to record calls for quality assurance or compliance, you can record any call on the fly.

Queue Status

Maintain your status in the queue. Manage and be a part of queues even when you are not sitting at your desk.


Listen in on queue calls in action. The participants on the call will not be able to hear you, allowing you to silently monitor the process of the call.

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