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Boost Customer Service

Boost Customer Service

Solutions provided by APEX Communications can drastically enhance your Customer Service image.

Show Your Customers You Care

When customers call they will no longer have feelings such as:

  • “I’m a loyal customer but when I call in I feel like you don’t know who I am.”
  • “It’s taking too long for me to reach the person who can actually solve my problem.”

Never Miss Another Call

Your business will never miss another call.

  • Never miss another sales opportunity or frustrate a customer by sending them straight to voicemail
  • The recorder’s extension
  • There are features- such as queues and FindMe- that can be setup to assure every call quickly reaches the right employee

Every Call Receives a Professional Greeting

Auto-attendant provides a professional feel on every call:

  • Provide basic information such business hours
  • Route calls based on the company directory
  • Assures that customers receive the right information and are directed to the right employees
  • Music-on-Hold

Know Who You Are Speaking with BEFORE You Answer the Phone

Giving your agents all the past information about your customers before they answer a call- such as how important the customer is and what they’ve asked about in the past- makes your customers feel like you know who they are and you care about them. This goes a long way towards boosting your customer service image while at the same time increasing the efficiency of your employees

How is this possible?

  • Integration with your customer database or Microsoft Outlook provides your employees with all of a caller’s information in a screen pop before the call is answered

What to learn more about integration? Check out our blog entries on the topic

Ensure Your Best Employees Answer the Most Important Calls

Skills-based routing enables you to prioritize certain employees in queues so your best employees can answer the most important calls.

For example, your system could be configured with skills-based routing so that when your biggest customers call in only your best representatives are able to pick up the phone.

Powerful Reporting

APEX’s solution also provides powerful reporting that helps your managers enhance your customer support from behind the scenes

Identify at a glance what time of the day, week, or month you receive the most calls

  • Determine accurately when you are over or under staffed
  • Analyze data for when shifts should start/stop as well as when the optimal times are for breaks

Recognize which employees are working hard and which aren’t

  • Reports show which employees are making adequate use of their time on the phone

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