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Call Queue Capabilities

Call Queues

APEX’s solution with Fonality allows a business of any size to replicate the efficiency and professional feel of a large business’s phone system.

While call queues would normally be thought of as reserved for big businesses with even bigger budget, APEX’s solution makes it affordable for businesses of any size to obtain

What is a Call Queue?

A Call Queue is a feature that is necessary to assure that your customers get a resolution to their question or problem from the first person they speak with and the first time they call.

How does a Call Queue Work?

Queues function in the following way:

  • Incoming calls are placed in the queue
  • A group of employees are designated to participate in a particular queue
  • The queue is configured strategically for how to divide up the calls amongst the employees in the queue
  • Music and announcements are made available to callers while they wait in the queue

Call Queues are a critical feature in the process of making sure the right employee is always available to answer the right call as soon as he or she is available.