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What is a Call Center?

What is a Call Center?

In order to know if your business could benefit from a call center you first have to understand what it is.

NOTE: The term “call center” can be used interchangeably with “contact center

The Basics

A call center typically refers to a centralized office where the staff is responsible for both receiving and responding to a large volume of telephone calls.

For example, the call center can be setup so that certain groups of staff may be in charge of responding to all calls regarding billing inquiries while other staff members handle technical support questions.

Call Centers are Affordable for Small Businesses

In the past, big businesses were the only ones who could afford call centers.

Recent advances in technology have leveled the playing field and made it affordable for much smaller businesses to take advantage of the same contact centers their larger competitors utilize.

You Don’t Need a Centralized Office, Large Staff, or a Large Call Volume

You might be thinking, “Well, maybe I can afford it but I don’t have a centralized office taking calls, a large staff, or a large call volume.”

The good news is that you can have a call center without any of those things being true. Businesses of all sizes are capable of running a call center- and receiving all the benefits associated with one- if they have the right phone system.

  • You don’t have a centralized office? Setup the call center so your staff can work from home
  • You don’t have a large enough staff to justify it? You are already answering all the calls you receive, the call center is just setup to ensure the first person who picks up a phone call is always the right person to answer the caller’s questions
  • You don’t take a high volume of calls? A call center is an efficient way to deal with all of your phone calls regardless of your businesses call volume. Not to mention, as you grow, you will be much better off with a call center already in place
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