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What is Cloud Communications?

What is Cloud Communications?

A communications system that utilizes The Cloud provides a range of benefits and opportunities.

Do you keep hearing about “The Cloud” but you’re unsure what it’s all about? Check out our blog entry on the topic for a clear explanation!

The Basics

If someone tells you, “We utilize The Cloud for all of our communications needs” they are really saying this:

  • Our communications system is setup and run through a server in a remote location
  • That server is updated and maintained by our provider
  • All the resources (e-mail, messaging, etc) and applications (such as HUD) that are setup in that server are available to any device with an internet connection

Practical Ways to Utilize The Cloud

A few examples of ways your business could benefit from The Cloud include the following:

  • No matter where you are- as long as you have an internet connection- you have access to all the communications tools you have while sitting at your desk
  • Once your phones have been configured, you can plug them into the internet anywhere and they will work as if they were never moved
  • You can access reports from anywhere
  • You can quickly make adjustments to your settings such as your greetings or voice mail messages even if you are not at your desk

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