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Why Are Businesses Choosing Cloud Communications?

Why Are Businesses Choosing Cloud Communications?

When Unified Communications are combined with The Cloud it can provide a large array of benefits to your business regardless of its size or budget.

Do you want a more in depth explanation of why businesses are Turning to The Cloud? Check out our blog entry on the topic for a clear explanation!

Minimize Your TCO

A new phone system that utilizes The Cloud, you can cut your costs in a variety of ways:

  • Many features that you may currently be paying for with your legacy phone system are actually now available for free with most new phone systems:
    • Conference Calling
    • Chat
    • Video Chat
    • And More
  • There are no longer charges to have a technician come on site for moves, adds, or configuration modifications with The Cloud
  • Configuration adjustments can be made in The Cloud allowing anyone with an internet connection to adjust things such as:
    • Time of day certain greetings are played
    • The auto-attendant recording
    • The Company Directory
    • AND anything else you can think of
  • Adds are as simple as paying the one-time charges for buying the phones and then plugging them in

Utilize Online Customer Databases

With The Cloud and the right phone system, your business can integrate whatever customer database it is that you use. Anything from Microsoft Outlook to has the ability to be integrated:

  • Screen pops with important information about the caller appear on your screen when a customer calls in
  • Knowing important info about customers before you speak to them shows that you care and improves your customer service image

Future-Proof Phone System

Having a phone system in The Cloud is the best step you can take to prevent your communications technology from becoming dated.

  • The latest software refreshes, updates, and patches are automatically sent down to your system through The Cloud.

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