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What is Hybrid-Hosted?

What is a Hybrid-Hosted Phone System?

A Hybrid-Hosted phone system is the best business phone system available in the market today. It utilizes The Cloud and combines the best elements of both premise based and hosted phone systems while at the same time eliminating most of the disadvantages of both.

The Basics

  • All the hardware (server, phones) is bought and owned by your business
  • It is run through a combination of a server physically in your office and The Cloud
  • Your vendor provides support and helps manage the system from The Cloud
  • Hybrid-Hosted is not dependent on just your internet connection for the quality and reliability of calls

A Simplified Explanation:

A Hybrid-Hosted phone system is run through a combination of a server physically at your office and The Cloud.

This “hybrid” combination is what allows your business to take advantage of the best elements from both purely premise based and purely hosted phone systems.

Most phone system providers offer both hosted and hybrid-hosted phone systems. However, they may refer to hybrid-hosted as premise based or use some other term. APEX Communications offers both hosted and hybrid-hosted.

If you navigate through our website, you will find all of the information you need to determine which type of phone system is best for your business.

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