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Advantages of Hybrid-Hosted

Advantages of Hybrid-Hosted

Hybrid-Hosted presents the greatest opportunity for your business when it comes to feature set, customer service, and price.

Most Extensive Feature Set

  • Owning your own server makes every feature and calling option available to you
  • Customizable to fit your company’s needs and wants
  • Make VoIP calls and have POTS lines as backup
  • Unlimited extensions, Auto-Attendant, Call Centers, Call Recording, and literally everything else for no additional charge

Easy to Get Support

  • Administrators can access your system from anywhere with an internet connection making it is easy to make changes and identify problems
  • Software updates are completed by your vendor
  • Your configurations are backed up in The Cloud and can easily be recovered in case of a disaster

Lowest TCO, Greatest ROI

  • One of the biggest advantages of selecting Hybrid-Hosted is how much more affordable it is than Hosted
  • The only costs associated with buying the phone system should be the up-front costs of the hardware (the server and the phones) and UC software
  • There are no monthly fees and you have unlimited extensions at no additional charge
  • It is by avoiding these fees that hybrid-hosted is able to offer a lower TCO and a greater ROI.

Best Security

  • Having your own server allows you to choose whatever type of phone line you want if you are looking to provide a backup for your internet connection
  • Allows you to keep all of your messages and call data within your company‚Äôs premises rather than leaving it to your provider in The Cloud

Lessen Burden on IT Staff

  • Hybrid-Hosted should significantly reduce the need to have your IT staff manage your phone system
  • With the right provider, you can completely eliminate the need for your IT staff to concern itself with your communications system at all
  • The Cloud allows your service provider to handle all of your equipment and fix any problems that may arise remotely

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