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Disadvantages of Hybrid-Hosted

Disadvantages of Hybrid-Hosted

While there are some drawbacks associated with Hybrid-Hosted, it remains the most popular phone system.

Initial Costs are Higher than Hosted

While the Total Cost of Ownership of a Hybrid-Hosted phone system is significantly less than Hosted in the long term (2+ years), the initial costs of purchasing the phone system are significantly higher.

The reason for this is -unlike Hosted- Hybrid-Hosted requires you to purchase the hardware (server and phones) and the UC Software in order to get started.

However, when we run side-by-side TCO comparisons of Hosted and Hybrid-Hosted for our potential customers, this is what they find:

  • The year 1 TCO is higher with hybrid-hosted because of the initial costs of the hardware
  • By years 2-10 however, the TCO with hybrid-hosted is significantly LESS than hosted

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