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Advantages of Premise Based

Advantages of a Premise Based Phone System

With all of the available technology that is out there today, a strictly premise based solution wouldn’t be the most cost effective or feature rich solution to challenges facing businesses in the modern world.

That said, a premise based solution still provides benefits that a strictly hosted solution does not.

You Own the System

With a Premise Based solution, you own the hardware needed to run the phone system. While the costs of owning and maintaining older hardware may be expensive to maintain and make adjustments to, you are at least able to avoid the monthly fees associated with a purely Hosted solution.

Customizable Feature Set

Most purely Hosted solutions will provide you with the bare minimum when it comes to feature set. While all feature options are available with Hosted, there are typically lots of add-on monthly charges which make it costly to maintain a feature-rich system. Because you own the hardware with Premise Based, an extensive feature set usually comes standard at no additional cost.

You Don’t Have to Rely on the Internet to Make Calls

With hosted, you don’t have a server on site because your system is run entirely in The Cloud. With Premise Based, you have a server on-site and are therefore able to choose multiple backup options so you don’t lose voice capabilities in the event that your internet connection ever fails.

Strong Security

Security is higher than Hosted because all messages and call data remain on your company’s premises rather than in The Cloud.

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