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Disadvantages of Premise Based

Disadvantages of a Premise Based Phone System

There are many drawbacks associated with a purely Premise Based solution.

No Cloud Support = Higher Costs

Because Premise Based phone systems don’t give your provider access to your system through The Cloud, every time you make a modification you are required to bring in a costly technician to do even the simplest things:

  • To maintain and upgrade the software
  • Administrative tasks such as moves, adds, and changes
  • Configuring remote users is often complicated and expensive

Feature Sets are Likely to be Primitive

Systems that don’t have access to The Cloud tend to have much smaller feature sets than those that do. This is likely because it is difficult for providers to monitor and maintain customized feature sets if they are required to go on-site to do so. The Cloud enables providers to do all these things from their headquarters.

Potential Security Risks

Often times, because The Cloud isn’t available to purely Premise Based, a special connection has to be setup to allow your provider remote access to your system. Allowing this kind of connection of course weakens your security because people you don’t know have access to your system.

Knowing this, it is not surprising that the trend in recent years has been for businesses to move towards solutions like the ones APEX offers- hosted and hybrid-hosted.

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